La Pietra Taurina

From Italy: Floors, Coverings, Sinks, Fountains, Masonry Kitchens.

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Stone floors.

Marble grit floors.

Natural stone floors for interiors and exteriors.

Masonry kitchens.

Built-in kitchen with marble top and hob

Masonry Kitchens Made of Natural Stone.

Stone cladding.

stone cladding

Natural stone cladding for interiors and exteriors.

Stone cladding.

Italian stone works

Leccese Stone Coverings Production and Sale.

Stone Fountains.

stone fountains

Natural Stone Fountains for Garden.

Stone Sink

stone sink

Natural stone sinks made from a single block.

Stone tables.

Stone tables

Tables in natural stone for indoors and outdoors.

Objects, Gifts.

Leccese stone objects

Pietra Leccese: Objects, Gifts.


Leccese stone lamps

Lamps in Leccese Stone Typical of Salento.


clock in Leccese stone

Typical Lecce Stone Clocks of Salento.


Showcases in Lecce stone

Showcases in Leccese Stone Wall, Corner.


Leccese stone balustrades

Balustrades in Lecce stone.


Leccese Stone Fireplace Coverings and Cornices

Leccese Stone Coverings and Cornices for Fireplaces.


stones for the garden

Stones for Garden in Natural Stone.


stone pots for garden

Stone Pots for Garden.

Sacred furnishings.

Sacred Furniture for Cemeteries.

Dry stone walls.

dry stone walls

Dry stone walls of Salento for garden.

Times in Stone.

exposed stone vaults

Facade Stone Vaults, Star, Barrel, Sail, Cruise.

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