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La Pietra Taurina

Stone floors Marble grit floors.

Taurina stone floors for interiors and exteriors.

Pietra Taurina is a sedimentary rock that forms mainly on the seabed. Stone floors are extraordinarily durable, extremely durable and of high quality.

Suitable for both walls and floors, in a splendid range of shades.

Masonry Kitchens Made of Natural Taurine Stone.

It’s hard to believe but when you look at the pieces, every slab, every natural stone countertop is actually millions of years old.

The stone took millions of years to form, and these masonry kitchens are produced with this type of stone.

Built-in kitchen with marble top and hob
stone cladding

Taurine stone cladding for interiors and exteriors.

The natural stone coverings we produce are excellent furnishing accessories.

They can be mounted both on external facades and indoors. Thanks to the particular grain of the stone they are suitable for giving a rustic final effect.

Leccese Stone Coverings Production and Sale.

The Lecce stone is renowned all over the world for its white color that tends to straw yellow.

Thanks to its fine grain and ductility it lends itself to all types of processing, from the most elaborate sculptures to the most modern Lecce stone coverings up to the creation of objects.

Italian stone works
stone fountains

Natural Stone Fountains for Garden.

La Pietra Taurina focuses on the supply of design and innovative products.
Our stone fountain design capability allows us to make products for swimming pool waterfalls, statuary fountains, indoor fountains, lake fountains, nozzle and lighted fountains.

Pietra Taurina sinks made from a single block.

Our stone sinks are made from a single block of stone and are fully customizable in both shape and size.

stone sink
Stone tables

Taurine stone tables for interiors and exteriors.

Stone tables are an excellent solution to overcome all the problems that arise from bad weather. They are suitable for decorating both indoor and outdoor environments. They fear neither sun nor rain and can be left outdoors all year round.

Pietra Leccese: Objects, Gifts.

In Salento there are many shops where you can find objects made of Lecce stone. It is unlikely that after visiting Salento you will not find yourself with a Lecce stone souvenir.

Leccese stone objects
Leccese stone lamps

Lamps in Leccese Stone Typical of Salento.

We produce and sell directly throughout Italy. Our creations can also be commissioned with a simple drawing provided by the customer. You will have a beautiful stone lamp of your own.

Typical Lecce Stone Clocks of Salento.

Do you want to give your home an original style? Choose from our catalog the clocks in Lecce stone and carparo. Unique and elegant objects made entirely by mini craftsmen with decades of experience.

clock in Leccese stone
Showcases in Lecce stone

Showcases in Taurina Stone Wall, Corner.

The showcases or the equipped walls can be made of taurine stone, Lecce stone and carparo. They are made following the executive project that the customer provides us.

Balustrades in Lecce stone.

Stone balustrades, stone parapets, stone railings, give the buildings a decorative effect of other times.

Leccese stone balustrades
Leccese Stone Fireplace Coverings and Cornices

Leccese Stone Coverings and Cornices for Fireplaces.

The stone cornices for fireplaces are indispensable for a finishing of the fireplace itself. They are made of stone and customized for every need.

Stones for Garden in Natural Stone.

Massi decorativi per realizzare un angolo roccioso nel giardino e non solo. The stones are used to delimit flower beds, create ponds, swimming pools with cascades, etc …

stones for the garden
stone pots for garden

Vases in Taurine Stone for Garden.

There is nothing more suitable for growing plants than a stone vase. In fact, the pot is not a watertight container but manages to let the roots breathe avoiding stagnation of water.

Sacred Furniture for Cemeteries.

We make sacred furnishings in natural stone.

dry stone walls

Dry stone walls of Salento for garden.

Dry stone walls were used by our ancestors to mark borders. Then for the construction of trulli and typical buildings with exposed stone. Up to beautifying their gardens.

Times in Stone.

The majestic exposed stone vaults, vaulted ceilings, barrel vaults, rib vaults, cross vaults.

exposed stone vaults
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