A showcase in Lecce stone at the height of the show.

The Lecce stone showcase to exhibit family jewels. Just like in stores, they serve to show, but in a composed, always measured way.
The Leccese stone showcases are an element that is halfway between the sculptural and the architectural. At the same time, they are also furnishing accessories. Furniture and knick-knacks in one go.
Leccese stone showcases can be as we need them to be. Modular, alignable, as wide as we need on the basis of the housing needs we have to deal with. They can be made of different types of stone, have a simple and linear style or more complex and decorated.

Stone showcases

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Stone showcases

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Stone showcases

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Stone showcases

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They hold glass or stone shelves: display cases in Lecce stone.

They can contain small points of light that highlight their content. Or they can simply contain it, as in a hug, showing it to the eye, but preserving it from behavior that is not respectful of their integrity.

A Leccese stone casket of treasures to show and not touch.

A Leccese stone display case embellishes the room in which it is placed. It is usually found in the living room or in the most elegant entrances, where it can be admired by anyone with access to the house. Not infrequently it is found inside niches or recesses made specifically in the walls and enjoys ad hoc lighting.

Small-sized objects that have a particular economic or emotional value are usually placed in the stone display case.
Even a small favor, even if not of very high monetary value, can be placed in a cabinet, if it has a particular symbolic meaning, if it represents a memory, if it constitutes a value from which one does not want to be separated.

Stone showcases

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Stone showcases

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Stone showcases

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Stone showcases

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Often the showcases in Leccese stone:

they are arranged next to each other and set up according to the content they contain, from the most ancient to the most recent memories, or the jewels placed are diversified on the basis of the genre they belong to.

Wedding favors, precious gifts, travel souvenirs and so on. A specific type of showcases in Leccese stone is the equipped wall. It performs the functions of an entire living room or living room furniture and contains more important objects such as a television or a particular literary or musical collection and so on.

The equipped wall has a more service role than an aesthetic one.

The Lecce stone showcases have a more service role than an aesthetic one.

However, this does not mean that it has an intrinsic value as it is made of noble materials or particularly resistant to use and the passage of time.

One, ten, infinite display cabinets in Leccese stone.
As we have now learned, stone can take on countless identities, becoming classic, elegant, rustic, ultra modern. Therefore, there is no furniture in which a Leccese stone showcase fits in an inconvenient way. Each style of the living room has its own favorite showcase, from the most classic to the most modern. In choosing the right one, just be guided by the style of the rest of the house or, perhaps, choose a piece that acts as a contrast with the majority of the furnishings.

In the more rustic suburban farmhouses there will be:
showcases in Leccese stone less refined with a simpler and more rustic flavor. In more classic contexts, pieces of furniture that do not clash with the rest: linear, poorly decorated, with smooth and smoother surfaces.

Some windows in Lecce stone.

Stone showcases

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Stone showcases

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Stone showcases

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In more modern environments, it will be appropriate to opt for a light stone and, perhaps, for glass shelves, which will make all the objects contained within them perfectly visible. Even from several points of view at the same time.

And in this case, it will also be possible to obtain a pleasant play of light references and reflections, depending on whether the window is positioned more or less close to light sources.
What is certain is that a stone display case does not go unnoticed. But, another certain thing, is that those who decide to buy a Leccese stone showcase, placing their joys in it, have no intention of making it go unnoticed.

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