Natural stone floors: a safe choice.

The natural stone floors imagine a path, made up of stops, setbacks, but also of running forward, overturning backwards. Where to do it if not on a floor made of natural stone that can withstand shocks? And there is no doubt that the most resistant are natural stone floors. Natural stone floors invite you to start a journey without the need to cut the cord with Mother Earth.

It is the combination of the elegance of a residential or accommodation facility and the naturalness of the surrounding spaces; accepting the challenge of modernity without denying direct contact with the external environment.

A natural stone floor made from stone that crosses your garden, or reconstructs an oasis of peace in the courtyard, allows you to stay immersed in nature without sacrificing the cleanliness and elegance that stone guarantees.

Natural stone: floors.

The stone itself, being nature, winks at this effect. A floormade of more or less large natural stone slabs gives the courtyard an orderly and geometric appearance, contributing, thanks to the light tones of the rock, to an effect of cleanliness and simplicity. The natural irregularity of the individual slabs is only an added value of the walkable covering as it represents the guarantee of a natural and non-industrial stone flooring, in which each piece is unique and unrepeatable and equal only to itself. A proof of originality and, therefore, of quality and indisputable value.

Natural stone flooring is as durable as stone.

Less is more. Simplicity is better. Better to remove, as Michelangelo Buonarroti said, a gigantic artist who really knew how to do with stone. The invitation of the Renaissance master is very timely, in our age that comes after years of excesses and exaggerations. The world of living is gradually waking up from the sleep of the “more” to veer in the opposite direction of the ultra simple. And stone, in this revolution of trends, plays a very important role, covering rooms, avenues, entire gardens.

Natural stone floors.

The natural stone floor for outdoors is a solution that is not afraid of bad weather or changing climatic conditions in general. Suitable for any temperature, from the hottest to the coldest, resistant in pouring rain or merciless frost, it doesn’t make a crease even in contact with the scorching sun. And then, it has the character you want to give it, changing its outfit as the scenario in which it is inserted changes. The natural stone floor is in fact a truly versatile element, as well as ecological, which is really an important point in its favor in times when the attention of buyers and consumers towards environmental issues has finally changed.

Natural stone flooring: what else to know.

The natural stone floors are relaxing and simple if chosen for country houses where you can breathe nature and life goes on slowly; avant-garde in apartments on the upper floors where the details are ultrachic and ultramodern; or, again, with an authentic and even dreamy flavor, in holiday homes, perhaps with a sea view or, why not? a mountain view. Wherever it is, the natural stone floor gives an important note of taste and character to the entire environment, restoring rigor and order to the living composition, lightening the background tones of the spaces, supporting a return to white, light tones, colors of nature, but also to linearity, therefore to simplicity and refinement.

A walk on a natural stone floor.

It has always meant strength, tenacity, durability. It means not giving up despite adversity, it means gritting your teeth in difficult moments and resisting. Perhaps more than any other element of nature, stone carries with it a symbolic meaning of no small importance. Ask any child: he will tell you that the stone is strong, that it does not scratch, in short, that it is the stuff of real tough guys. Then ask the elders: they will tell you that there are many stones on the path of life. Some are on the ground and you can pass over them with agility: they are strong stones, which support the steps of those who step on them without batting an eye.

Then there are the most unstable stones, which wobble as humans pass, and they are the ones to avoid.

“You will find more in the woods than in books”, said St. Bernard of Clairvaux, adding that “trees and stones will teach you what you cannot learn from masters”, with the convinced invitation to look at nature and learn from stones , therefore, to endure, to be strengthened, ultimately to never give up. It is the advice to seek the answers within yourself, to rediscover your own rock nature in your veins. To become a rock.

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