Lavelli in pietra, lavandini e lavabi in pietra, come unire il design alla praticità

La soluzione migliore per la vostra casa sono i lavelli in pietra realizzati da La Pietra Taurina , per il vostro giardino, per la vostra terrazza o per qualsiasi ambiente voi abbiate necessità di arredare.

Questo perché i lavelli in pietra sono dei manufatti che riescono ad unire la funzionalità di un elemento che non può mancare in una casa, con la bellezza di un oggetto artigianale.

Used stone sink.

Stone sinks Code P01

Stone sink: prices.

Stone sink Code P02

Outdoor stone sink

Stone sinks Code P03

Lava stone sink

Stone sink Code P04

Stone kitchen sink

Stone sink Code P05

Stone sink for kitchen: prices

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Countertop stone sink for kitchen

Stone sink Code P08

Italian stone sink

Stone sinks Code P09

Processing of stone sinks and stone sinks.

The master is passionately dedicated to the creation of each sink as well as of each product that is made within our company. In this case, the sinks are made following the customer’s needs carefully.

This is precisely because stone sinks and sinks have a very specific practical function to perform and therefore must be particularly efficient but must also have a high aesthetic effect.

Stone sink for masonry kitchen

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Antique stone sink

Stone sink Code P12

Built-in stone sink

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Corner stone sink

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Countertop stone sink

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White stone sink

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Stone bathroom sink

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Stone sinks with drainer

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Furnishing elements.

The stone sinks, after all, are a perfect element to be inserted in a built-in kitchen and the latter are chosen as a comfortable and pleasant solution for furnishing one’s basement but not only that, more and more often they can also found in country houses.

Our stone sinks are made to measure even if we always recommend to use the most common measures in both built-in and modular kitchens, these measures are 100 cm wide, 50 cm deep and 25 cm wide. height.

Used stone kitchen sinks

Sink Code P19

Stone sinks with cabinet

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Cheap stone sinks

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Code P21

Outdoor stone sinks

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Raw stone sinks

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Garden stone sinks

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Gray stone sinks

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Italian stone sinks

Sinks Code P27

Only high quality raw materials for stone sinks.

Stone is a particularly resistant and durable material, it adapts without any difficulty to different temperatures and atmospheric conditions and for this reason stone sinks are suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments.

They are the best choice to insert a decorative and useful element in your garden or to be inserted in your outdoor kitchens.
Usually they saw little but in recent years this is a solution that is finding a lot of response, especially among those who love dinners with family or friends on summer evenings, for those who have a porch or maybe a canopy that can be reserved for this. scope.

Custom stone sinks

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Natural stone sinks

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stone sink on offer

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Online sale of stone sinks

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stone sinks for bathroom

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Stone sinks for terraces

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Stone sink for laundry

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Pink stone sinks

Sinks Code P37

Sinks, washbasins, sinks, but all in stone.

Outdoor sinks or washbasins are usually smaller than those reserved for indoor environments. In this case, the recommended measurements are 80cm wide, 40cm deep and 25cm high.
The reduced sizes are simply linked to the use that must be made of the sink, just consider, in fact, that an indoor sink performs many more functions than an outdoor one.
An indoor sink is used much more often, for example for washing dishes, fruit or vegetables, while an outdoor sink is used necessarily, only in case of need.

The stone sinks can be made with one or two spouts and in different sizes, depending on the shape you choose. A stone such as the taurine stone makes stone sinks refined, especially if inserted in a more modern or delicate context, the choice, however, of a stone such as red tuff or red carparo makes stone sinks more suitable for an environment rustic and familiar.

Rustic stone sinks

Washbasin Code P38

Sinks in carved stone

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Stone Sinks: Sale

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Old stone sinks

Washbasins Code P41

Stone sinks for corner kitchens

Washbasin Code P42

stone sinks for corner kitchens

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stone sinks for corner kitchens prices

Washbasin Code P44

built-in stone sink for kitchen

Washbasins Code P45

Pietra Taurina: the sinks.

The sinks of La Pietra Taurina are all made of natural stone, extracted from our local quarries.
The stone sinks are all manufactured by us and being made of stone they can be considered a real investment, because they do not get damaged, do not require special maintenance except a little during cleaning.

Of course, like all stone sinks, even those made from a single block of stone require you to watch out for drain pipes which could get clogged in certain cases.

A touch of class is certainly the decorations of the stone sinks that can be added to this piece of furniture, among all the most chosen are undoubtedly the bas-reliefs of the stone sinks.
Decorations carved directly on the stone sinks and customizable according to your tastes and to which a particular wet effect can be added that will serve in particular to make the stone shiny.

Sink Codice P46

Washbasin Code P46

Sink Codice P47

Washbasins Code P47

Stone sinks for kitchens with furniture

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Stone sinks for built-in kitchens

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Stone sinks for countertop kitchens

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Double basin stone sink for kitchen

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Stone sinks for design kitchens

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Manufacturers of stone sinks for kitchens

Washbasins Code P53

Stone sinks and other outdoor and indoor furniture.

The sinks are just some of the interior and exterior furnishings that La Pietra Taurina offers. Among these the table certainly stands out, united with the sink because it is able to meet the needs of functionality and aesthetic performance.

The stone tables can be made in different sizes, depending on the place where you need to place it.
Our tables can be made for more sophisticated contexts, such as those with a Lecce stone base and glass top, elegant and refined, or they can be created for more informal and familiar contexts, in this case a reddish stone such as the red tuff.
In addition to the tables, the seats are also very popular, to combine or to arrange along paths or along the garden. Both the table and the seats can be made of stones.

Cheap stone sink for kitchens

Sink Code P54

Stone sinks for outdoor kitchens

Sink Code Codice P55

Stone sinks for kitchen and hob

Sink Code P56

Stone sinks for large kitchens

Sink Code Codice P57

rustic stone sinks for kitchen

Sink Code P58

Stone top hob for kitchens

Sink Code P59

Modern stone sinks

Sink Code P60

Custom stone kitchen sinks

Sink Code P61

Indoor and outdoor stone sinks. In stone, to go beyond appearances.

For those who want to create a unique, dreamlike atmosphere, La Pietra Taurina recommends wishing wells, these are pre-assembled furnishing elements and this makes them easy to assemble and move.
In addition, the arches are also very beautiful, ideal for those looking for a unique entrance, “wow effect” and suitable for scenographic photos, perhaps accompanied by our garden vases, more elegant in the warm tones of Lecce stone, more rustic in the reddish tones of carparo red.

The stone sinks of La Pietra Taurina are 100% natural thanks to the use of stones extracted from local quarries. Each sink, like every element that we have described to you, is carved and handcrafted and this makes each of them a unique piece, designed and created just for you, based on your needs.

La Pietra Taurina advises you in choosing the best stone to use, the stones, in fact, are characterized by a low porosity, after all they are the most used stones in Salento for centuries precisely because they are widespread in the area.
So the stones are not porous but can be more or less regular in shape, depending on the aesthetic result that you want to give to the environment.

Contact La Pietra Taurina for more information on products and processes.

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