We manufacture stone kitchen sinks from a single block. We make sinks only tailored to your needs.

Used stone sink.

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Stone sink: prices.

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Outdoor stone sink

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Lava stone sink

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Stone kitchen sink

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Stone sink for kitchen: prices

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Countertop stone sink for kitchen

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Italian stone sink

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Know the past to understand the present and you will build the future. Solid sinks like stone.

The children running around, their lively and, at the same time, peaceful shouting. Simple games, in the open air, at the price of some knee peeling, which then magically went away. After the sacrosanct medicine of a kiss on the wound. In the distance, the sweetest noises of life and work. Carts of sellers or artisans who advertised their wares and the ancient wisdom of their hands in producing stone sinks. These are scenes long gone in memory, which fortunately someone still keeps. They risk disappearing if they are not cultivated with the affection they deserve by furnishing a corner with a beautiful stone sink.

Stone sink for masonry kitchen

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Antique stone sink

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Built-in stone sink

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Corner stone sink

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Countertop stone sink

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White stone sink

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Stone bathroom sink

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Stone sinks with drainer

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However, the reconstruction would be incomplete if one last, fundamental piece were not added. The women, from the oldest to the youngest to the little girls, gathered in the street, doing laundry around a huge stone sink. Their songs, their confidences, that need for community that today is guilty, but naturally, lost. Next to them, a stone basin, large enough to hold the laundry of the entire neighborhood. Because wasting water was a sin and woe betide it.

Over time, those stone sinks have been transformed, updated, adapted to the needs and the changed uses for which they were intended. They have become sinks in furnishing stone, of varying sizes. In some cases they have preserved the rough and ancient appearance they originally had; in other cases the sinks have changed skin, refining themselves, evolving, changing the dress but certainly not the soul.

Used stone kitchen sinks

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Stone sinks with cabinet

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Cheap stone sinks

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Outdoor stone sinks

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Raw stone sinks

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Garden stone sinks

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Gray stone sinks

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Italian stone sinks

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A stone sink is forever.

The stone sink is a very important element in any home. It is as necessary as water, as important as laundry, as versatile as today’s life, with its rhythms and its continuous revolutions, requires us. The stone sink is, if possible, still a pinch more than all this, because it winks at tradition underlining that nothing is lost, when one takes care to remember it, and that today we are what our ancestors were yesterday.

Masonry sinks, like any piece of furniture that is made of rock, are suitable for any style and living taste.
They are super classic and even a little rustic, if placed in contexts that wink at the past, but they can also reinvent themselves and become ultra innovative when placed in modern spaces with a strong character. If, therefore, the doubt that assails you at the time of purchase is whether it is possible to reconcile your desire for a stone sink with the modern furnishings of your home, the answer is: of course you can. Yes, you can

Custom stone sinks

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Natural stone sinks

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Online sale of stone sinks

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stone sinks for bathroom

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Stone sinks for terraces

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Stone sink for laundry

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Pink stone sinks

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The fusion style, in recent years, has been constantly growing and is really the right solution for those who love to mix the sinks in furnishing stone, confuse them, adapt them, harmonize them with each other. The result of this operation is a house that speaks of those who live there, who is their travel diary, tells their stories, passions, trends and tastes, however variable they may be. Stone sinks are welcome even in extra chic settings as long as the watchword is “combine”.

Rustic stone sinks

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Sinks in carved stone

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Stone Sinks: Sale

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Old stone sinks

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Stone sinks for corner kitchens

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stone sinks for corner kitchens

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built-in stone sink for kitchen

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Stone sink. As fashion commands.

In this sense, the world of fashion comes to the rescue of anyone who wants to dare but then stops a step before doing so. Try to follow the catwalks of high fashion: it will not be uncommon to find, alongside ultra-innovative and even slightly eccentric garments, garments that look back. They open the grandmothers’ wardrobes and compose in an always new and original way. The furniture sector is not that far from the fashion one. After all, choosing the right stone furnishing accessories isn’t a bit like dressing up your home?

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Stone sinks for kitchens with furniture

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Stone sinks for built-in kitchens

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Stone sinks for countertop kitchens

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Double basin stone sink for kitchen

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Stone sinks for design kitchens

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Manufacturers of stone sinks for kitchens

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Among other things, just like in the fashion sector, stone sinks offer the possibility of creating inlay work or bas-reliefs, inscriptions, abstract or realistic decorative motifs: real more or less refined embroideries that embellish the element with details. furniture. Let’s choose them completely personal, and we will have a unique sink in the world, with a story, known only to us, to tell to others.

Cheap stone sink for kitchens

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Stone sinks for outdoor kitchens

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Stone sinks for kitchen and hob

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Stone sinks for large kitchens

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rustic stone sinks for kitchen

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Stone top hob for kitchens

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Modern stone sinks

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Custom stone kitchen sinks

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Indoor and outdoor stone sinks. In stone, to go beyond appearances.

Let’s forget the sink designed to be only in the kitchen. Today the sink has a much wider range of uses and arrangements. Let’s also place it in the courtyards, on the verandas, in the flower beds full of vegetation. Let’s combine it with benches, paths, small architectural elements, to create oases of peace in the outdoor spaces of private homes or public buildings.

Stone sinks can be practical and functional but also simply act as embellishments or original pit stops in the background rhythm of a garden.
It is possible to imagine the sinks also on the balconies of buildings in the center, to which they will give a solemn and classic touch, or a breath of country air almost like a “trip out of town”, even under the typical gray sky of the city. They will withstand the weather and weather and require very little maintenance. If the time we have available for home care is what it is, then there is no reason to wait …

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