Leccese stone lamps: and there was light.

If we think about it, it looks like magic. Just a finger on a switch, a slight push, and that’s it. Darkness becomes light, darkness clears up, fears recede, everything becomes simpler in an instant. Nothing to interpret, nothing to guess, no secret to hide or reveal. It has always worked the same way, although over the years the technique has been perfected, modernized and innovated. It is the beauty of the stone lamp, beauty. Of all the Lecce stone lamps in the world: in metal, glass, stone. An infinite power in your hands. Almost like the discovery of fire, a revolutionary step forward. The history of the Leccese stone lamp is the history of man, struggling with the need to illuminate his hiding places, then his rudimentary homes.

Leccese stone lamp

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Leccese stone lamp

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Leccese stone lamp

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Leccese stone lamp

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Lamps in history.

And, as often happened in the history of evolution, Mother Nature herself went to the aid of the primitive, providing the necessary tools, certainly rudimentary, to respond to the urgent need. The first lamps in Lecce stone were light twigs, therefore easy to carry, which were set on fire and which, unfortunately, caught fire easily. Their function was useful but the yield was not lasting enough. Something more was needed, on which to be able to rely even in conditions of environmental discomfort.

Only several millennia later, the world knew the lamp as we remember it today. It was the Egyptians who conceived it for the first time, together with all the achievements that are noted in the curriculum. Finally, lighting became within everyone’s reach and above all it was characterized by its lasting character.

Each Leccese stone lamp is a magic.

Even after the millennia that elapsed between the first rudimentary Lecce stone lamps and those developed by the Egyptians, that aura of magic around this piece of furniture has remained unchanged. The young thief Aladdin had only to rub his miraculous lamp for a magic to take place before his eyes.

And from that lamp, by who knows what miracle, a genius came out ready to satisfy every request, however absurd it might be. Even if from the Lecce stone lamps of today a magical being like that genius does not come out, reinterpreted in a thousand different ways on TV and large screens – from which, incidentally, who knows what great things we would have to ask for -.
The Lecce stone lamps retain a character of mystery and occupy, with arrogance, but in any case with all the merits, a place of great importance within every space. Nobody today would dream of buying a lamp and confining it in a remote corner of the house, far from the gaze and admiration of visitors.

Anyone who has a Lecce stone lamp feels the need to show it, exhibit it, and turn it on to create a suffused, soft, delicate, refined atmosphere, depending on the style of the lamp in question. And just like any other piece of furniture, there are endless possibilities.

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Leccese stone lamp

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Leccese stone lamp

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Leccese stone lamp

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Leccese stone lamp

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Leccese stone lamps: nature in a room.

The Leccese stone lamp is a return to the origins of the lamp itself. A material as old as time that manages to combine with the housing needs dictated by today’s life. Upon reflection, even the Leccese stone lamp is a symbol that we have innate within us. Probably without even realizing it: it brings us back to the elements of light and rock. Contained in the well-known myth of the cave conceived by the philosopher Plato, which many philosophers, who came later, were inspired. Who points the finger on imitations considering only nature as a source of authenticity and truth.

Leccese stone lamps: nature in a room.

it is the most natural thing you can ask for from lighting, being second only to solar lighting. In stone you can make Lecce stone lamps of various sizes, depending on the need. Small Lecce stone lamps to be placed on top of furniture in the living room, more important Lecce stone lamps to be placed directly on the floor. Lecce stone wall lamps for lighting rooms and corridors.

Leccese stone lamps: nature in a room.

The slightly rough style of a stone lamp makes it suitable for rustic-inspired public places, such as bed and breakfasts, trattorias, hospitality structures. Of more important dimensions such as the farms. Which are the trend of the moment, chosen more and more frequently by more or less VIP characters for their own special occasions. Recalling the farmhouse style in your home is consequently the imperative of recent seasons.

Its realization also involves the choice of antique lighting, which tastes good and natural, as the Lecce stone lamps can guarantee.
After all, Puglia is the territory of stone, full, as it is, of dry stone walls and buildings with one or two rooms made entirely of stone. In such a context, lighting can only be the prerogative of Lecce stone lamps. You choose only the form that it must have. Maybe you even choose who to pick up yourself. She will take care of the atmosphere. And it will certainly be what you had in mind.

Some products.


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