It is time for … Leccese stone clocks.

The clocks in Leccese stone in the beginning was the stone sundial. That is a simple and effective tool for measuring time. Also called, but not entirely precisely, sundials or sundials. All it took was a top, usually in stone, and a vertical element, such as a second stone with an elongated shape or even a stick, stuck in a point x of the top. That, with the passage of time and therefore of the Sun, cast its shadow on the plane itself. Based on the shade it was possible to read the passing of the hours and the passing of the days immediately. The sundial was a time measurement technique already known to the ancient Egyptians and other ancient civilizations, and was also adopted by Greeks and Romans and even seems to be.

That Neolithic man already exploited the apparent movements of the Sun to go back to an archaic form of time, which marked the different phases of his difficult, and even somewhat monotonous, day. After all, the underlying mechanism is as simple as it is ingenious. And, on the other hand, the modern hands that move on the modern dial of modern Lecce stone watches do not differ much from that shadow on the sundial plane used in the beginning.

Stone clocks

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Stone clocks

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Stone clocks

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Punctuality is not water. It is Leccese stone clocks.

No matter how many steps forward time measurement has taken since then, being punctual for an appointment is not at all easy. The lovers who are forced to wait exhausting in the cars near their partner’s house know this all too well. The many commuters daily called to desperate races in the (very difficult) prospect of catching a train on the fly to avoid waiting for their own, always mercilessly, punctually, late. The drama of our time is not having time. There is no time for ourselves, time for private life, time for sports, time for free time, time for boredom. Time to clean the house, time to chat on the phone, time to waste time in secondary occupations that fill our day. We are in a hurry.

We wake up and go in a hurry.
Shower in a hurry, breakfast in a hurry, in the car in a hurry, in traffic in a hurry, to work in a hurry. The days of those born in the 21st century are a continuous race, a race against time, against the waste of moments that will then be useful to us at the end of the day. A bit like the White Rabbit, a character born from the imagination of Lewis Carroll together with Alice and who, in that wonderland, always accompanies her in a hurry because she never has enough time to do who knows what.

Stone clocks

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Stone clocks

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Stone clocks

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Being punctual is not easy. We need a little help.

For example, you need beautiful stone clocks that break the mold. Like clocks in Leccese stone. Who does not fear time because it lasts forever, and this is already a good start. Leccese stone watches is how we want it. It has uniqueness on its side, because it is a work of craftsmanship, created by the expert hands of master artists who shape it as it is done as a work of art. And in fact, in addition to the function of marking the ticking of the seconds, it also has that of furnishing the house giving it the taste that is most preferred. In short, it is one more opportunity to affix your own stylistic signature to your home, underlining the style that underlies it.

The clocks in Leccese stone thus becomes a sculpture,
which therefore abandons the standard formats of the square or round to take on the most varied ones that draw inspiration from natural elements or the animal world. Thus they can become a useful decorative element for children’s bedrooms, taking on a more fun and original shape, or, maintaining a more classic or traditional taste, ending up on the walls or furniture of the dining rooms or more complicated living rooms. Leccese stone clocks can of course have the size you prefer, responding to the space requirements of any housing solution.

Stone clocks

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Stone clocks

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Stone clocks

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Carpe diem. Seize the moment with a beautiful clock in Leccese stone.

And precisely because time is one of the most precious assets that can be owned today, give a watch in Leccese stone as a gift. It means giving your time to those who really care. It is not a gift for everyone, of course, but it must be carefully intended. Giving someone a Lecce stone watch means promising them your time, your closeness, your predisposition to be close to them. It can also mean “I’ll give you my time, when you don’t have it, and we’ll take care of all the tasks in no time at all”.

Seize the moment, as long as you have the opportunity. Give away time, give away stone watches. Find a plausible excuse to give yourself a gift. The ticking of the hands on the Lecce stone can also have an anti-stress function that removes bad thoughts and softens the silence. Let’s listen to it, let’s focus on that variation that is always the same as itself. The worst will be over and we will have made it.

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