Beauty and practicality, a winning combination for the best economic garden furniture.

Summer time, time to embellish your gardens or terraces with inexpensive garden furniture, ready to welcome late night chats and dinners that we would like to never end.
The gardens are the meeting places par excellence, a refuge on summer evenings when you are looking for relaxation after an afternoon at the beach.

For our garden to be a welcoming place in the summer months it must be beautiful and practical at the same time, composed of elements that are essential for our needs, without sacrificing aesthetics and economic garden furniture. In other words, it is necessary to find the right garden furniture.

An entrance, your business card with a simple economic garden furniture.

Whether your gardenis small and delightful or large and gorgeous, here are some tips to dress it in an atmosphere that will leave you and your guests speechless.
The business card of your garden is undoubtedly the entrance, perhaps made important by a stone arch and two flower boxes at the corners. The arches are synonymous with elegance, especially when they are made of Lecce stone, one of the most sought after stones in our area. The plantersand outdoor pots can be made in different shapes and heights and the yield we want to give depends a lot on the choice of raw materials, all of quality, this is beyond any doubt because Pietra Taurina is synonymous with excellence in the sector, even in the economic garden furniture sector.

Stone tables

Arredi Giardini Economici Codice T11

Stone fountains

Economic Garden Furniture Codice F24

Stone fountains

Economic Garden Furniture Codice F20

Stone fountains

Economic Garden Furniture Codice F15

Stone fountain

Economic Garden Furniture Codice F03

How to choose an excellent inexpensive garden furniture.

Today, one of the characteristics that you like inside a garden are certainly the meadows, crossed by an elegant avenue that can be made with local stone slabs called “chianche” for which carparo is usually used or perhaps through the creation of a cobblestone.
The meadows that are the most popular in this period are certainly the English one or perhaps immersed in the elegant scents of the herbs of the Mediterranean scrub.
In country estates, an inexpensive garden furniture that strongly recalls the country chic style is certainly the pergola, with elegant columns in Lecce stone or tuff that give the environment an even more delicate and warm atmosphere. Furthermore, the columns can offer an excellent support for placing your hammock, that is truly synonymous with relaxation for everyone.
Among other things, among the cheap garden furniture, ornamental bouldersthat vary in size and can also be combined with statues of different sizes and shapes are particularly in demand.

Tables, chairs and sink: the necessary economic garden furniture.

Among the outdoor furniture that cannot be missing to furnish your outdoor setting, there is certainly the table. Depending on the stone you choose, the table must be more or less elegant, more or less rustic but the essential thing is that it is large, functional and comfortable because in the garden it often happens to organize lunches and dinners and therefore it is also important to define the position of the table. That it is perhaps not too close to the grass because with humidity it favors the presence of mosquitoes and that it is certainly not even far from the kitchen.
Furthermore, the stone garden tables are often chosen together with the matching seats, perhaps in stone and with a backrest that still makes them comfortable.
Among other things, a trend in recent years is to create outdoor kitchens, preferably in stone because it is a material that resists well to the most varied temperatures. Within contexts such as this, the importance of having a good sink must be considered, which must perform many functions and therefore must be resistant but also stable and functional. Pietra Taurina can add an extra touch to your stone sinks and, in general, to your cheap garden furniture, by inserting refined decorations such as the bas-reliefs that are usually placed on the front of the sinks.

Stone vases

Economic Garden Furniture Codice V33

Ornamental stones for the garden

Economic Garden Furniture Codice M18

Stones for the garden

Economic Garden Furniture Codice M01

Stone tables

Economic Garden Furniture Codice T22

Stone tables

Economic Garden Furniture Codice T20

Sensory economic garden furniture: ponds, fountains and waterfalls.

Water is that extra element that no one expects in a garden but which is always a pleasure to see, hear, touch. Among the cheap stone garden furniture, a very nice solution is that of artificial lakes that can be created with a stone basin and enriched with decorative stones that can also be used to create very pretty flower beds. Stones of different sizes and shapes can also be used to make an artificial waterfall.

Among the inexpensive stone garden furnishings that benefit from the use of water, there are certainly the garden fountains, which can also be autonomous through a water recycling system or can be connected to the water network in the case of fountains to be placed perhaps in parks or sports centers.

The outdoor stone furnishings are really what makes the difference inside in the beauty of a garden or courtyard, with our furnishings you can find the right combination of quality, practicality and aesthetics.

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