Complements for stone design garden furniture.

Cheap stone garden furniture. Ask a child to “tell you” his idea of ​​a garden. He will tell you that it is a magical place where you can breathe the scent of freedom, where it is a pleasure to spend time with friends. Where it is possible to rest, enjoying the greenery around the garden. He will probably add that in the garden in his head there is a tasty snack. The delicate sound of nature moving in harmony. Benches and supports of various types in stone.

And that is precisely the point. Whatever the idea of ​​economic garden furniture we have in mind, in very rare cases it does not include furnishing elements made of stone. Because this is our dream garden: welcoming and resistant to everything. Designed for summer and winter and therefore made with a material – stone, in fact – that is not afraid of any weather conditions or any temperature.

There is always a place for an inexpensive stone garden piece of furniture.

No matter what the size of your garden is: you will always find a place for an inexpensive stone piece of furniture. Whether it’s a bench, a coffee table, a statue or a little stone worked for decorative purposes only. It will fit perfectly into your space, enriching it with precious details and personalizing it as only yours and no other.
When the days begin to get longer and the sun begins to get mild, granting us its presence for a few more minutes. Here we feel the need to take better care of our garden. After a whole winter spent indoors and practically captured by the daily routine, it is a more than understandable need. Here then we let ourselves be teased by the desire to put our nose out the door and look outside.

Stone tables

Codice T11

Stone fountains

Codice F24

Stone fountains

Codice F20

Stone fountains

Codice F15

Stone fountain

Codice F03

But how to decorate the garden.

In this we often allow ourselves to be influenced also by television programs which, more and more frequently, propose formats in which gardens, once neglected, only thanks to the intervention of an expert hand come back to life, more beautiful than before. After all, the passion for garden design is a trend that is gaining ground in recent times. Hand in hand with the sensitivity for nature and the issues of environmental respect. In reality, sometimes only a logical thread is needed to tie together all the corners into which the garden itself is divided. The rest, as always, is done by the measure, the balance and the good taste of furnishing the garden.

A garden is the business card
of any home or other structure, including accommodation, large or small. Already at first glance it tells the character of the house, the style, the harmony. It is therefore right that it be taken into the same consideration as the interior. A poorly maintained garden will give the impression of a house abandoned to itself, untidy, without a basic thought.

A garden furniture accessory for every style of garden.

It is in fact necessary that the garden furniture be included in the design of the entire house and that, therefore, the exterior reflects the taste of the interior.
The garden of a classic home can be embellished with classic stone elements such as fountains and fountains, statues even of a certain importance, tables, supports, benches, classic style seats. In this case it is good to opt for smooth surfaces, usually with a white or golden color, for soft shapes and measured decorative motifs, never excessive, even in harmony with the type of vegetation chosen.

And if the garden is a bit like the labyrinths of English or Italian inspiration, then benches and benches located from time to time along the path can offer a suitable diversion to the walk.
By creating both physical (ie in order to allow a moment of rest) and simply aesthetic breaks.
A rustic-style garden, with large plants, lush bushes and shrubs, may require garden furniture accessories in keeping with its “abundant” style. In this case, decorative boulders, columns with a not very smooth style, capitals, small objects with an antique flavor placed along the avenues, in the flower beds, on the sides of the tallest trees will be suitable.

Stone vases

Codice V33

Ornamental stones for the garden

Codice M18

Stones for the garden

Codice M01

Stone tables

Codice T22

Stone tables

Codice T20

Each element will take on the tone of a suggestive backward glance, almost a surprise handed down from the past.

In this type of garden also barbecues and ovens find a right place. In an instant they create a warm and participatory atmosphere, inviting to conviviality and being together in serenity.

Finally, do not worry: there is room for stone even in a modern-inspired garden. Anything we have described as suitable for previous types of garden furniture can also look good in modern gardens. However, even more than the others, they allow you to play with colors, contrasts of shapes, with the immediacy of the message to be communicated. In this case, contemporary stone sculptures with broken shapes, bright, dark, jarring colors are welcome. The square-edged stairways, the super chic wood-burning ovens and the modern lounges, by the side of a swimming pool or a small stream created ad hoc, are very good.
In short, if you don’t know how to describe your home, let the stone speak for you.


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