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White hard stone garden stones, for rock gardens.




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The garden stones that naturally enrich the outdoor furniture.

White hard stone garden stones are now within everyone’s reach. A simple idea to be able to furnish the garden and enrich it with a simple piece of furniture in stone.

They can be placed anywhere: both in the garden and on the terrace, in the courtyard. Wherever there is a small space of two square meters to embellish.

White garden stones in natural stone.

The stones can be purchased by anyone regardless of whether they have a villa or not. Whether you have a large or small garden. But just have a little imagination and that’s it.

Characteristics of white hard stone garden stones.

The stones are a natural element and the shape as well as the measures cannot be customized.

The stones have natural holes that can be filled with earth and planted with flowers. But also succulent plants or even palm trees. The stones are in hard stone. The same can also be placed directly in the water. For example, having these characteristics they are used for the realization of:

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