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Stone floors for porches: antique, rustic stone.




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Stone floors for interiors and exteriors.

The stone floors for porches offered by La Pietra Taurina are an excellent choice for paving indoor and outdoor environments, private and public buildings, sports centers, gardens, villas, houses and parks.
La Pietra Taurina proposes to use stone floors for porches with a milky white color tending to straw yellow with a smooth or in the same way antiqued surface for stone floors.
Supply and installation of stone floors for porches is simple and above all fast: Pietra Taurina helps you find the solution that best suits your needs.

Porch stone floors can be used for:

  • Paving pedestrian walkways;
  • Paving car garage ramps;
  • Paving and delimiting areas for courtyards;
  • Paving gardens.

The dimensions of the stone floor slabs for porches are: 4 or 2 cm thick, 50 cm wide and 37 cm high. Large format to save time and money during assembly.

The installation of stone floors for porches is simple:

the floor is laid on a well-beaten ground support or concrete screed and glued with bastard mortar, consequently the joints are subsequently filled with a mixture of sand and cement. Natural stone processing gives the flooring a natural feel. The stone floors for porches are suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas. The color varies from a shade of white tending to straw yellow.

Our products
All La Pietra Taurina products adapt perfectly to any type of furniture, and guarantee maximum stability and safety. They can be applied and mounted in public environments such as sports centers, parks and avenues, but also in private environments such as gardens, courtyards, porches, terraces, villas, houses, garages and also swimming pools.

The same stone floor has all the characteristics to be laid in situations of traffic or simply in pedestrian paths. Joints can be closed with mortar or soil to create grassy and natural paths. The stone floor for swimming pools is smooth to the touch and iseasy to cleaneven with a simple rag.

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