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Wall Applique in italian Stone, Carparo, Tufo




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Wall lamp in italian stone, carparo, tuff.

All wall lights in italian stone, carparo and tuff can be made to measure. Respecting the needs and characteristics required. Made of natural stone, the lamps can be placed both indoors and outdoors. In other words, the stone tolerates the most extreme climatic conditions very well.

Our productions, therefore also that of the italian stone wall lights, are fully customizable. The italian stone wall lights are made from a single block of stone, excavated and worked to perfect workmanship.

The italian stone with which Lecce stone wall lights are made is a milky white stone tending towards straw yellow. The italian stone wall lights also have a warm color gradation.

Ancient therefore very modern.

The slightly rough style of a italian stone lamp makes it suitable for rustic-inspired public places. Like the bed and breakfasts, the trattorias, the reception structures even of more important dimensions such as the farms. Which are the trend of the moment. More and more frequently chosen by more or less VIP characters for their own special occasions. Recalling the farmhouse style in your home with italian stone wall lights is therefore the imperative of recent seasons.

Its realization also passes through the choice of ancient lighting. That tastes good and natural. How rock lamps can guarantee. After all, Puglia is the territory of stone, full, as it is, of dry stone walls and buildings with one or two rooms made entirely of stone. In such a context, lighting can only be the prerogative of stone lamps.

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